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Enter code SIBLING-25 on each child’s registration when registering more than one child from the same family for a camp during the same camp week. Use SIBLING-10 for half-day camps.

Enter code SIBLING-10 on each child’s registration when registering more than one child from the same family for a half-day camp during the same camp week.


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LOCATION: Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Institute of Technology, 5685 Leeds Street, Halifax. Room numbers and locations to be announced (and emailed to registered camper families).

LUNCH & SNACKS: Bring your lunch and snacks for the entire day – no microwave lunches! Include lots of liquid refreshment for the hot days – a refillable water bottle is recommended.


OUTDOORS: Dress for the weather – we enjoy outdoor breaks whenever possible!

VALUABLES: Please leave valuable items like ipads, Pokeman cards and other cherished things at home.

MORNING DROP OFF AND SIGN IN: The camp program starts at 9 AM. Campers may be dropped off any time after 8:30 am. Parents and guardians are asked to initial the attendance sheet* when dropping off camper(s). Classrooms numbers will be posted (and emailed to registered campers).

PICK-UP AND SIGN OUT BY 4 PM: The camp day ends at 4:00 PM – Monday to Thursday. We will head over to the playground around 3:50 PM when the weather is good. Campers can be picked up at the playground. Parents and guardians are asked to initial the attendance sheet* when picking up a camper(s). Please arrange to have campers picked up on time – a late fee of $25 for each block of 15 minutes after the arranged pick up time may be charged.

EXTENDED DAY OPTIONS: The extended day option provides supervision for campers between 4-5 PM. There is an additional cost for this:

  • Four-day week camps: cost is $30 + HST
  • Full week camps: cost is $40 & HST

If you haven’t arranged for it and now need it, give Ronnie a call at 902-579-3317.

FRIDAY END OF WEEK SHOW: starts at 3 PM (unless otherwise noted) Each week we try our best to put on an exciting show for parents, friends and grandparents – all are welcome! Campers will also receive Artech certificates. The show is a great opportunity to see what your camper has accomplished during the week. We hope you can join us!

UNEXPECTED CAMP CANCELLATION: (for example: no power at facility or snow storms!) We will announce any closures on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/artechcamps

CAMPER PROJECTS: Camper projects will be backed up to Dropbox folder and will remain available until the end of the year – December 31st. An access link will be sent out by email for each camper to the registration email we have on file.

COMMUNICATIONS: Periodic emails with new or updated camp information are sent out by email to our camp community.

*Older campers 11 and up may sign themselves in and out. Parents can inform us if this would be preferable.