Blender 3D Characters

Summer of 2016 marked the first year we offered 3D character design & animation. We had a very focused and dynamic group of teens join us for this adventure into 3D design.

Most of the week was spent developing the characters: constructing, shaping and molding them into form. Towards the end of the week we managed to touch upon the basics of 3D animation – with a hand wave!

Without further adieu – enjoy the display of 3D creatures and characters.

Show:All3D in Motion
  • Character by Erin
    Character by Erin
  • Robot Man by Jacob
    Robot Man by Jacob
  • Rowan’s Rabbit
    Rowan’s Rabbit
  • Hesperia by Thomas
    Hesperia by Thomas
  • Green Monster by Oscar
    Green Monster by Oscar
  • Character by Lily
    Character by Lily
  • Brooklyn’s 3D Character
    Brooklyn’s 3D Character
  • Josh’s Boxer in Red
    Josh’s Boxer in Red
  • Xander’s Monkey
    Xander’s Monkey