Minecraft World Design

Minecraft World Designs include:

  • Innovation and creativity!
  • 3D structures and constructions built in Tinkercad and incorporated in Minecraft Worlds
  • Creative uses of Command Blocks and Redstone
  • Mods – block mods, new foods, tools & weapons, new dimensions!

Note: all videos were filmed on location in Minecraft worlds! 🙂

  • Village by Jonathan
    Village by Jonathan
  • Mods by Stephen
    Mods by Stephen
  • Parker’s World
    Parker’s World
  • Spencers World
    Spencers World
  • Creeper Battles by Boaz
    Creeper Battles by Boaz
  • Josh’s World
    Josh’s World
  • Map by Jonah
    Map by Jonah
  • Dov’s World
    Dov’s World