english & movie production camp

Camp dates: July 23-27 and July 30 – Aug 3

Group pricing is available starting at $759 per participant* for 10 days of camp programs

Movie production camps offer opportunities to sharpen both spoken and written English skills. Also gain hands-on training and experience with story development, filming techniques and editing.

Working in small production groups you will get to plan your movie with an international team. From storyboard to screen you will have a chance to:

  1. discover Nova Scotia while scouting film locations
  2. improve your English language skills with script writing and acting
  3. learn movie production techniques

Then put it all together in the editing room. Complete the program with a premiere showing on the big screen – invite friends and family to this special event! Upload the film to our online gallery so friends and family from afar can view it as well!


  • Minimum group size – 8 participants, maximum group size 16
  • Pricing is determined by the size of the group
  • Please email interest and inquiries to director@artechcamps.com
$759.00 – $849.00