girl gamers! camp


AGES 10 – 14

No prerequisites – suitable for beginners and advanced campers – everyone welcome!

Girls love making and playing video games as much as boys do. Yet so many of our camps are filled with a great number of boys! We want to encourage more girls to come to our camps, try out the technology programs we know they will love!

Campers will get to design and program their own characters, blocks and adventure games, learning how to:

  1. Create dynamic pixel art
  2. Animate characters & monsters
  3. Plan the game story – you make the rules!
  4. Create & program a variety of characters and objects
  5. Design levels and worlds
  6. Get an introduction to computer programming using Gamemaker Language, an object-oriented programming language (much like Javascript).

We look forward to seeing more games created by girls often with rich stories and colorful graphics.

End of week: You will have a finished game to play and share with friends and family!

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