mario minecraft remix! camp

ages 7 – 10 and 10 – 12


No prerequisites – suitable for beginners and advanced campers – everyone welcome!

So you love Mario! And Minecraft! We do too! Create a dynamic game that can be played online or on a home computer.

Design and program your own characters, monsters and other objects. Incorporate features from your favorite video games:

  1. Collect gold coins
  2. Jump and double-jump
  3. Break and place blocks
  4. And rescue princesses!

Learn how to:

  1. Create dynamic pixel art
  2. Animate your characters & monsters
  3. Create strategic game play
  4. Program using a visual drag and drop environment

End of camp week: You’ll have a game you can play with family and friends!

End of week: You will have a finished game to play and share with friends and family!

SOFTWARE: Gamemaker Studio 2 by Available for PCs and Macs! Please note that at the camps we run all programs on PC computers.

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