mobile movie making – news on the fly! camp


for teens

No prerequisites – suitable for new and returning campers – everyone welcome!

With cell phones and tablets getting faster and better every year, quality movie making is becoming easier than ever. The process of movie making is changing as well with possibilities of instant journalistic stories, live feed, and other options made available with mobile devices.

We will cover:

  1. the basic language and terminology of movie making
  2. process of taking stories from concept through story development & script writing
  3. set building, costumes and make-up (as needed)
  4. an overview of the advances and innovations made possible with mobile movie making

Campers are welcome to bring their cell phones to use in the production to create synchronized shots from different angles.

Through the years camper production teams have put together some amazing stories. Team roles include: actors, script writers, director, producer and film editor.

End of week: Mini Film Festival! We invite family and friends to watch our movie premiere on the big screen! And also upload finished productions to Youtube!

– Bring your story ideas to life!

SOFTWARE: We’ll look at a variety of editing software available for different platforms.

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