Science Animations at Petite Riviere School

Mr Jeffries’ grade 5/6 class created Claymation films illustrating different adaptations, migrations, lifecycles and evolution that they have been learning about in their Science unit.

Students worked diligently on their projects – the two weeks spent on the films went all too fast. The resulting films were both informative and fun to watch!

Scroll down to read PROJECT FEEDBACK from the students

Feedback from the students:

Thank you for coming to our school. I enjoyed the claymation, it was very very fun. I would do it again. I hope you had fun. The most fun part was telling eveybody who was up next. I had fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):) – Michael J

It was so so so so so fun  I loved it – Oliver

I loved it!!! it was so much fun. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!!!! – Jane

We all had soooooooo much fun doing this with you! can’t wait to see you again!!!!!!!!!:) – Emma

This project was funded by the Petite Riviere School’s Home & School Association and Arts Smarts Nova Scotia.